Training Case Study: Leading Projects Through Change

An NHS Trust was implementing a significant programme of change. Some services were being merged, others outsourced and many of Heads of Departments were in the position of needing to completely re-organise their departments and teams. Although they were experienced managers they had little or no experience of managing this level of change within the short time scales available.

Whilst the NHS Trust had project management systems available and people experienced in using Prince 2 tools, what the Managers and Heads of Department needed, and fast, were the non-process based skills. Learning these skills and putting them into practise straight away would help to give them the confidence to manage effectively the changes needed to implement successfully the new ways of working.

Using a ‘start with the end in mind’ approach to establish the key outcomes required from the training, this enabled us to focus on ‘What do you want to achieve’ rather than ‘What do you want us to deliver’.  Working with the Learning and Development Manager, we also established key criteria we would need to build in to our training design.

The key outcome was that managers would have a framework for planning the changes and understand how to achieve their goals and targets within budget and also within a specific time frame.

The key criteria were that the training would include essential management and communication skills, an understanding of the necessity to manage finances and the importance of working towards strategic objectives. And, as time was extremely limited, each manager would have only one-day available for the training.

Our solution

We created a ‘project management’ workshop which, in one day would set out, in clear practical steps, a framework for planning, leading and managing projects. We used the 4D Project Management framework – Defining, Designing, Doing, Delivering – and created a highly interactive workshop in which participants would be able to work on their real, rather than hypothetical, projects. We incorporated a number of NLP tools which would assist accelerated learning and enable the participants to think differently and create options and solutions for their changing environment. We also created exercises which involved the participants in using planning, management and communication techniques they would be able to take away and put to work straight away.

The results

At the end of the first workshop the group left as highly motivated, confident people whose expectation was that they would be able plan and implement their projects successfully. They had tools and techniques to use and the vision to achieve their plans.

For further information about this workshop please check out the details of ‘On Time, On Target, On Budget’ in our Training section.


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