Coaching at Work

When we are asked to undertake coaching for staff this is sometimes to assist in developing knowledge, skills and personal capabilities and sometimes to assist in resolving staff issues. Happy staff, confident in their role, are the beating heart of a successful business. Unhappy staff members, disputes and poor relationships in the workplace and people having problems in coming to terms with change are real issues for many organisations. These issues, if not resolved, can become costly and time-consuming, often taking the organisation into courses of action it would prefer to avoid, especially when it involves a valued member of staff.

There are a number of ways in which we assist organisations with Coaching at Work:

Working with individual employees

We bring an unbiased, objective view into the situation. We can work with the business or organisation to get their view of the situation and can agree objectives for a coaching intervention. We can coach an individual employee and work towards achieving outcomes that will be beneficial to both the employee and the organisation. We can provide an environment where both employer and employee can speak to us in confidence.

Creating a coaching culture in the organisation

You may have already recognised and experienced the value of coaching for individuals in the organisation and want to consider establishing coaching as a culture within the organisation itself. We can work with you to find out what you want to achieve and to assist in developing the philosophy, strategy and objectives that will be required to establish a coaching culture.

Coaching the Coach

Developing the coaching skills of people in your organisation would yield a significant return on your investment. Good coaching empowers people and enriches the whole organisation and when you work with us you learn the best methods and develop a positive, empowering coaching style.

We are passionate about coaching that works and we look forward to speaking with you to develop the right approach for your organisation.


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