Coaching Options

Coaching Options

When you work with a People Spark Coach you know that you are investing personally in the knowledge, skills and capabilities that can be achieved only through extensive training and practical experience. The style and frequency of coaching programmes can be adjusted to meet the needs of each individual client although the coaching is often most effective when there is a clear schedule to which both the client and the coach will commit.

Telephone coaching

A proven and highly effective method of coaching this has the additional benefit of being the most cost-effective for the client. Each new coaching programme begins with an ‘intake session’ which will normally be of 1½ – 2 hours duration. During this session the foundation for the coaching relationship is established and the coach will find out more about the client and what outcomes they are seeking to achieve. Following this, calls are scheduled in advance, usually 2 -4 calls of 30 – 60 minutes duration per month. An initial programme of six sessions is recommended.

Face-to-face coaching & mentoring

Face-to-face coaching provides opportunities to explore specific topics in greater depth. Where the sessions mix coaching and mentoring, especially in the business environment, face-to-face coaching can include more interactive learning and development opportunities for the client. These sessions can be conducted either on the client’s premises or in a neutral environment. There will be an initial ‘intake meeting’ of 1½ – 2 hours, followed by sessions of 1 – 1½ hours. Sessions are scheduled in advance in blocks of 3 or 6 sessions.

Creating the programme that works for you

Whilst the standard coaching programmes will work for many people, you may require a programme that meets specific requirements or is more flexible. We will be happy to discuss alternative options, such as:

‘On-demand’ coaching: Coaching sessions to address specific situations

Blended programmes: Telephone, face-to-face and email contact


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