Management Development

Good management doesn’t just happen.

People management, especially, is a skill that is acquired through learning, experience and the development of the individual’s inherent talents and capabilities. Just because someone was really good in their role as a salesperson, administrator, nurse, engineer or other operational role, it doesn’t mean they will slot easily into management.

Becoming a manager brings many opportunities and, equally, many challenges. Good management has been described as ‘The art of getting things done, willingly, through other people’. Great management is getting the job done successfully whilst supporting, empowering and developing others.

We at People Spark are great at helping you develop your management skills, so that you can allow others to develop and feed forward towards excellence.  Through our management development programmes and workshops you will understand how to develop skills including:

  • The Manager as leader and coach
  • Delegation that empowers and motivates
  • Giving feedback and managing difficult conversations
  • Balancing operational and management roles
  • Understanding and developing different management styles
  • Building and developing high performing teams

You had to develop in your operational role; now is the time to learn the new skills of management.


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