January 6th, 2014

New year, new day, new choices

Several years ago, having recently moved to our current house, we went through the process of reorganising all of our ‘stuff’ and redecorating the rooms to our taste and style. In particular we wanted our dining room to be a place where we could relax and enjoy the company of family and friends, but none of our furniture fitted the bill. Then, one day, we happened to spot a Georgian dining table in the window of an antique shop; I could visualise how beautiful it would look in our new dining room with its accompanying chairs and just I had to have it! The purchase was made and the dining set delivered and, yes, it did look beautiful, but of course the room would need to be redecorated to make it perfect.

Over the years, no matter how hard I tried, I was never quite satisfied; the table and chairs were beautiful, they were comfortable and I really wanted them to work. Something, though, was still missing and I thought if I could just move things around a bit then it would work!!! And so it went on; in fact, although we used the room it never achieved the ‘feel’ and ambience I wanted to create.

A couple of months ago I was wandering through a store and spotted another, brand new, dining table and chairs. Something made me stop; it was very different from what we had at home, a modern shape, pale wood, everything was different and I caught myself thinking ‘I don’t like that type of furniture’ then at the same time another voice was saying ‘Wow, that’s lovely; it would really work in my dining room’!

I sat on one the chairs (ready to convince myself I wouldn’t like it) and it just felt ‘right’. The deal was done, the new furniture came in and the old furniture went out. It has transformed the room and the way use our home!  We now have a room that we use all the time and it’s simply ‘right’.

For years I had convinced myself that just a little change – a tweak here and there – would make everything perfect. But it never did.

What might there be in your home, your work or your personal life that you want to make perfect (or at least better) and you have convinced yourself that a little tweak is all that’s needed. Are you putting up with it or are you listening to that inner voice that says ‘Look around and see what else is there’?

We find things in unexpected places and when we stop and listen to our own voice we may find that it is the right time to bring in something new. It could be a new table a new way of behaving or even a new way of accepting who you are and going with the flow.  Each day that dawns will bring you different perspectives and new choices; whatever choices you make ….. enjoy them!

Helen Edwards

About the Author

Helen Edwards

Helen Edwards is a certified NLP Coach, an NLP Master Practitioner and a qualified psychotherapist who focuses on the development of each individual’s inner strengths. Her knowledge of people plus her background in senior management roles in the private and public sectors give her a deep understanding of the qualities required of leadership. Follow us on Twitter @people_spark

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