NLP Training

Introduction to NLP for Business (1 day workshop)

If you want to find out how NLP could benefit your business, this one-day workshop will show you how to apply NLP tools and techniques to improve communications, solve problems and get better results.

NLP for Managers  (2-day workshop)

People in management roles need to be able to respond confidently and flexibly to a wide range of situations. This practical, interactive workshop shows how NLP is used to enhance personal effectiveness and have a positive impact on the way people manage, lead and interact with others.

Coaching with NLP (2-day workshop)

Coaching is one of the most effective ways of improving personal performance; bringing NLP skills into the coaching process gives coaches a wider range of powerful tools with which to work. This experiential 2-day workshop is an ideal introduction to benefits of coaching and the effectiveness of NLP.

The NLP Business Practitioner (10 days) *

This programme brings together business concepts, management practice and NLP tools and techniques. Designed to develop a high level of competence in business management, this programme focuses on practical, experiential learning so that the people who attend this course can apply their skills operationally right from the start.

*Delegates can achieve NLP Business Practitioner Certification 


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